How Crimson Company maximizes gameplay depth

No (private) decks!

  • The decks brought by the players can be of different strength levels. A player who just started their collection will have a weaker deck than a veteran who collected all the rare cards and has a deep understanding of the “meta game”. So a match might be decided before it even began.
  • One deck might counter the other. Most of the time players go into the match “blind”, i.e. they don’t know which deck their opponent is going to bring. So they can easily run into a situation where one player brings a deck that is designed to counter the other player’s deck. Again, there is a huge impact on the outcome of the match, but no actual in-match decisions have been made yet.
  • You deck might just “not work” from time to time because you’re just not getting the right amount of “luck of the draw”. You’re drawing all the wrong cards at the wrong time and don’t really have a say in the outcome of the match.
  • Depending on the deck you’re playing, your strategy can be quite pre-determined and there is little space to deviate match to match.

No (hidden) hands of cards!

Contextual valuation!

Game designer chasing the elusive beauty of systems.

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Fabian Fischer

Fabian Fischer

Game designer chasing the elusive beauty of systems.

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