Tarkov: Breaking the Rules

What is it?

“Shoreline” is one of the maps in Tarkov. Players are randomly distributed across the starting positions and must reach one of the exits available to them. (illustrative representation)

A Meaningful Metagame

Inventory management is part of everyday Tarkov life. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular features from the recent past is the “sorting table”, which temporarily provides unlimited space to rearrange items.

The Multiplayer Roguelike

One of the roguelike genre’s central questions: Persistent progress (and thereby long-term meaning of the time you invest) or not (thereby fully focusing on skill and learning)? Tarkov says: “Why not both?”
Tarkov does have persistent progress. However, it quickly pales in comparison to the depth of the other parts of the metagame.
  • Your avatar increases basic skills like stamina or strength over time. Experience points and hideout upgrades are also permanent.
  • Your equipment (and your money supply) is at stake and can be lost forever. Exception: Items placed in the “secure container” during a raid are preserved. (There is a mechanism to save you from truly going bankrupt by the way: You can periodically do “scav runs” allowing you to take the role of a random NPC scavenger and transfer any loot you find after escaping to your own stash. Probably Tarkov’s “friendliest” feature).
  • Completing tasks for the NPC traders unlocks permanent access to higher-quality (and more expensive) equipment.

Deliberate Unfairness

The basics, explained by one of Tarkov’s most prolific players.

Emergent Stories

Game designer chasing the elusive beauty of systems. https://twitter.com/Ludokultur

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Fabian Fischer

Fabian Fischer

Game designer chasing the elusive beauty of systems. https://twitter.com/Ludokultur

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